Veneer Floors

Veneer Floors

Veneer FloorsDo you want to decorate your house in a beautiful, original and innovative way? Keep in mind that veneer floors can add a lot of value to your living environment. Veneer flooring provides homeowners with numerous important benefits. Veneer floors are lightweight, easy-to-install, look naturally and affordable.

It will not take a lot of time for you to lay veneer flooring in your house. They are universal and can be installed in any room. All that you need to do is to attach veneer to highly compressed substrate. Veneer floors are very practical. They perfectly resist dirt and don’t wear. In addition, veneer flooring can boast of its great sound insulation properties. You will never regret about installing veneer floors in your house.

The Main Benefits of Veneer Flooring

Veneer flooring is undoubtedly the best choice for people, who want to live in comfortable living environment. Veneer floors provide customers with numerous competitive advantages. So, you can be sure that this type of flooring will certainly exceed all your expectations. Now, let’s consider the most significant benefits of veneer floors.

Veneer is natural product. It is important to know that veneer floors are produced from high quality and 100% natural raw materials. Veneer floors look beautifully and can bring a lot of value to your house. So, they don’t cause any damage to environment and health of people. Veneer floors have low waste volume and can be burned after using.

Veneer is energy efficient product. Veneer floors perfectly save energy and keep warmth in living environment. So, laying veneer flooring in your house you will manage to reduce your energy bills significantly. In addition, veneer floors minimize the greenhouse effect.

Veneer floors improve climate in your rooms. Veneer is the wood material that has porous structure. This means that veneer floors will perfectly regulate moisture level and will improve climate in your house.

Veneer floors are affordable. Comparing to other types of flooring, veneer floors are considered to be quite inexpensive option. Lower price of floors is explained by the fact that only one cubic meter of wood is required to produce 800 square meters of veneer. Thus, one cubic meter of wood would be enough to complete about 15 veneered bedrooms. Despite the fact that veneer is much cheaper options, the quality of this material corresponds to the highest standards. So, veneer flooring can become quite a good alternative to more expensive solid wood floors.

Veneer Floors Unique Styling

Veneer impresses homeowners with its originality. Veneer floors are made of real wood and can impress people with their unusual beauty. Therefore, they will be the best choice for people, who want to decorate their house in a unique style.

Veneer floors are available in a wide selection. Veneer floors come is a vast variety of wood species, design styles, colors and prices. Veneer floors are available in numerous options. Therefore, you can easily select the veneer flooring that ideally suits your house design, needs and budget.

Veneer is high quality wood product. Veneer floors can boast of their extremely long durability. The flooring of this type will perfectly serve in your living environment for many years. It is easily installed and maintained. Just be aware that veneer floors don’t wear and tear. They have a fine natural look and can boast of its great energy saving and sound insulating properties.

Veneer Floors – Beautiful Natural Look

How Veneer Floors Will Look in Your House

Like solid wood floors veneer provides a beautiful natural look in your home. Nevertheless, veneer floors are not such expensive. The only difference is that veneer floors are available at much lower price. Veneer floorings are offered in a wide selection of wood species – Birch, Beech, Maple, Oak, Jatoba, Zebrano and Wenge. You can purchase either oiled or lacquered veneer flooring. So, you can select the floors, which perfectly correspond to your interior design style. Special attention of consumers should be also drawn to the fact that veneer flooring is very comfortable, strong, durable and easy to maintain.

How to Install Veneer Floors in Your Home

Easy installation process that has minimal requirements is a very important advantage of veneer flooring. The floors are quickly installed and don’t require gluing. You will simply need to join veneer floors one to another. The height of veneer flooring is comparatively low. This means that floors can be easily renovated. Veneer floors are universal, so they can be installed in bedrooms, children rooms, dining rooms and living rooms. However, it is not recommended to lay veneer floors in high moisture areas.

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