Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Wooden FlooringSelecting wooden flooring buyers have to take into account many important factors. As you can see, wooden floors are available in a wide selection of wooden types, design styles, finishes, textures, colors, material hardness, species, sizes and prices. So, it can be difficult for you to make the right choice.

Keep in mind that your main objective is to choose wooden flooring that will last for a long time and can meet your house design and budget. Would you like to decorate your living environment with wooden flooring?
Here, you will find useful tips and recommendations for purchasing wood flooring which will help you cope with this task successfully. Take advantage of this wooden flooring buying guide and make the correct decision. Finally, you will choose wooden floor that will ideally correspond to your lifestyle!

The Colors of Wooden Flooring

You need to make sure that wooden floors will perfectly suit your house design style. So, you need to select wooden floors of the right colors to create beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in your house. Choosing the color of wooden flooring randomly you can make a mistake and buy the wrong product in the end. So, how to choose the wooden floors of the right color? Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

The most effective way to choose wooden flooring is to take several samples to your home. Thus, you will be able to see how your wood floors will look in daylight. You can choose several wood floor samples to make comparisons and realize which one corresponds to your living environment ideally. Selecting between numerous colors you will be able to choose the best wooden floors in the end.

Textures and Finishes of Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are available in different finishes. You can select unfinished wooden flooring first and then stain it and add the top coat of finish. However, you will need to pay more money for additional work in this case.
Talking about the popular textures of wooden flooring special attention of buyers should be paid to the floors, which have either smooth or hand-scraped surfaces.

Selecting the textures and finishes of wood floors you should know exactly how your rooms should look like and what wood type will meet your requirements in the best way. Also, it is very important to take into consideration the conditions of your existing floors.

Types Of Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring Types

Choosing wooden flooring it is extremely important to understand the difference between various types of wooden floors. Just be aware of the fact that each type of flooring has its own characteristics and distinguishing features. That’s why you should definitely spend some time and get familiar with various flooring materials before going to a shop. Tongue and Groove Flooring is a favorite with having multi use inside and out.

Solid Floors

Do you want to buy flooring that will serve you for a long period of time? In this case, it would be expedient for you to consider solid wood floors. Selecting wooden flooring of this type you will be provided with a very important advantage. The point is that solid wood floors can be refinished many times. So, house owners have an opportunity to change the design of their living environment whenever they want. Veneer Floors are another excellent choice for hard wood flooring.

Floating Floors

Floating floors continue to increase their popularity among house owners. It can be explained by the fact that they are easy to install and have great sound insulation properties. That’s why the wooden floors of this type are often chosen for apartments. Comparing to solid floors, floating floors are installed much easier. Floating floors can be installed directly over concrete slab. Installing floating floors you don’t need to wait too much time until they acclimatize on site. In addition, floating floors don’t have to be sanded, lacquered or oiled.

Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are series of wooden blocks or mosaic patterns. Selecting wooden flooring of this type you can be sure that the floors will look beautifully in your house. Parquet floors are laid on flat and solid base.
Today, parquet floors are available for sale either in panels or preassembled wooden tiles. Some people give a preference to the traditional method when installing parquet floors in their houses (floors are laid as individual timber fingers). Acting in such a way, they can combine different species and create beautiful contrasts.

Laminate Flooring

A really good family member of the wooden flooring range is Laminate Flooring is easy to assemble and comes in a wide range of colors and finishes to cater for any home or business project. Laminate Flooring laid Professionally looks beautiful in any surrounding, but is also easily picked up by a novice who can follow simple guides.

Hardwood Floors – Timber Flooring

Hardwood floors – Timber Flooring are considered to be a universal solution. They are offered in numerous colors and finishes and therefore can be installed almost in any house. Hardwood floors will certainly provide your house with a beautiful and natural look. Another important benefit of hardwood floors is that they perfectly resist indentation.

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