RugsArea rugs are available for sale in a wide selection of designs, materials, colors and styles. So, it can be difficult for you to make the best choice especially if you have never selected area rugs before. On the one hand, you will need to select area rugs that will perfectly meet your interior design style and correspond to your needs completely. On the other hand, you don’t have to be overcharged. Here, we are going to provide some helpful tips and recommendations to people, who are going to select area rugs for their house.

Always Buy High Quality Area Rugs

Selecting area rugs you should give a preference to high quality products only. Keep in mind that your goal is to buy area rugs, which are extremely durable and beautiful at the same time. So, they will decorate floors in your living environment for many years. Don’t try to economize on area rugs. That’s why it is better to consider only those rugs, which are made of high quality materials such as silk and wool.

Keep in mind that silk rugs will look perfectly in your house and can serve you for many years. Wool is a good alternative to silk. Wool area rugs can be wonderfully combined with any furniture and interior design style. Also, it is necessary to say that silk and wool area rugs are available at affordable price. That’s why they are considered to be a cost-effective solution for any house.

Rugs Can Be Costly

How Much Money You Can Spend on Buying Area Rugs

Before going to a local shop you need to decide exactly how much money you can spend on purchasing area rugs for your floors. Then just tell a manager or sales representative about your needs and budget. As a result, you will be offered the best area rugs, which can meet your requirements completely. Also, don’t forget to ask about specials and discounts offered by a store. Making use of a good deal you will manage to buy quality rugs at much cheaper price.

Choose the Area Rugs of the Correct Size

It is extremely important for house owners to select the rugs of the right size. So, prior to buying a rug you will need to perform all the necessary preparation works and make measurements in your rooms correctly. Always select a rug that is smaller than your floor area. Make sure that you have at least 6 inches of floor showing on each side.

Are you selecting area rugs for a dining room? In this case, you will need to purchase the rug that accommodates your dining chairs perfectly. Do you want to decorate your bedroom with rugs? Make sure that no more than one-third of your rug is placed under the bed. So, the rest of the rug will decorate your floor in a bedroom.

If you choose the area rugs for a large room then you need to ensure that it will correspond to your room sizes and its furniture in the best way. If you can’t find a rug that can suit the furniture in your room, then just try to hide about one-third of the rug under furniture. You can also consider buying two separate rugs for a large room.

Two separate rugs will look perfect in your room. However, you need to select two rugs, which can be combined by color, materials and size. Therefore, these two area rugs have to match each other exactly.

Buying Rugs

Where to Buy Area Rugs?

As a rule, this question is frequently asked by people, who are going to buy rugs for the first time. Just be aware of the fact that your main goal is to find a reliable supplier of area rugs in your city. Many people don’t like to buy area rugs at department stores. They give a preference to the retailers and manufacturers whose brands have established a good reputation on the market. So, you will never regret about buying rugs of such well-known brands as Elson, Karastan, Merida Meridian, Royal Intercontinental and Tufenkian. These companies offer high quality rugs at affordable rates. This means that selecting rug stores in your city you should give a preference to those ones, which offer the products of the brands provided above.

Don’t hurry up to make the final choice. Selecting between area rug dealers in your city you need to spend some time to analyze customer reviews and see what people say about the companies that you are interested in. If your relatives or friends have purchased area rugs recently and are very much satisfied with shopping experience then you can ask them for recommendations. Deal with area rug companies, which provide their clients with a wide selection of products, great customer service and affordable price.